Should you Get  Ryzen 7950X NOW?

Why ?

Find your why? Always upgrading is not a good isea. Do you really need that much power? Are you facing problems or lags?

Even if you are ready to buy the AMD 7950x wait for now. Let the real user benchmarks come in.

If you are ready!

You may need processor power, but motherbord for Ryzen 9 have all futuristic features. If you can wait for B660

Not Needed!

How much for future proof

Even the new 40series cards are not 5.0, So why push so hard now. USB 4.0 in future. Why pay now?

But Wait !

If you still want to buy, get a budget motherbord and the Ryzen 7950x. Budget why?

As I said the new features are not going to really help, and AMD promised same socket till 2025. We all know we trust corporates ;)

The Trick

You should Wait

Even if the processor is fast intel is coming up with 13900K. Lets see what price they offer.

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