Top 10 Google search features which you are unaware of


You can directly Play Pac-Man in the browser.  Just type Pac-Man in google search and it will load the game right in the search result.

Tip Calculator

You might be confused many times on how much tip should we give while eating in a restaurant. Just type the bill amount in google search and it will suggest you the tip amount.

You can directly do multiply , divide, sum , subtract, etc. directly from google search. Just type the equation and u will directly get the answer.



Metronome, roll a dice, tuner, etc. are available when you search metronome keyword. Some tools only work in mobile  as it requires mobile search to work efficiently.

Multi Search

You can get efficient and precise results by using multi-search functionality which uses text and image to search.

To search a particular text in a single website use site:<sitename> <keyword> to find specific text in a website.

Site Search

Level 3

History Purge

This feature is only available for smartphones. You can instantly delete last 15 minutes history by going to google app and tapping to your Profile Picture.

Google Lens Search

Search any image directly through google lens either via app in mov=bile or by right click in browser. It is an AI powered efficient tool. 

We get very confused while it comes to converting meter to kilometer or miles , or converting kg to pounds. 


Timer or Stopwatch

Just type timer in google search and it will pop a timer and you will also get an option for stopwatch as well. This is a very cool feature.

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