Who Should get the New Iphone?

Still stuck on iphone 13, is it the time upgrade really?

Reason  you should get the new iphone and its not camera.

Better camera?

New offer is low light, selfie shooter dual back sensors certainly better than 13

Level 3

selfie cameras

Expected to sport high-end front camera components gives you world class photo control just by a click

Selfie Video experience

Will be great for all kinds of vloggers. Will it replace the go pros?

Battery, whats new

Not only new battery but also optimization and efficiency with the new iphone. Its promised

Chip Shortage

14, max same as old iphone 13 with optimization for the new. Pro comes with the bionic16

Level 3

Best Part

Prices have always been a catch when it comes to apple. This time the white empire has the same price point for the latest and greatest

War and chips

Although apple promises scheduled launch it may get delayed beyond September watch out stories for live feed


The first lanunch will be 14 tyhen the max enters the market and the hottest and leatest will be launcghed at lkast iphone 14 pro

The real deal

I would upgrade my iphone for sure die to the new a16 bionoic chip. If you do not use much other communication then you may have to think

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