Increase in Phone Bills !

Phone bills of Texas people will increase from 1st August.

Citizens/Residents of rural Texas will see hike of telephone bills. 

Service fund subsidies to increase from 3.3% to 24%

To ensure telephony service works properly this increase is done

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Why Now ?

USF is a major block and court has agreed to this.

Who pays for this ?

Companies from telecommunications and computer systems are allowed to bill their local, long-distance, pager, wireless, and other fees to customers.

Texas Universal Service Fund. What this is ?

The Texas State Universal Service Fund was established to assist largely rural citizens in obtaining necessary telephone services. The program helps providers pay for the infrastructure needed to connect rural homes.

Who Funded ?

The program is funded by government regulations, subsidies, and fees provided by the Universal Service Fund, which the Federal Communications Commission oversees. 

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The Telecommunications Act of 1996 laid the groundwork for the regulation of the internet and included provisions about funding for telecommunications infrastructure and accessibility.

Who get's the exempt ?

Lifeline, Link-Up America, and Tel-Assistance services.

Even more

• Texas state agencies • Non-profit schools (tax-exempt entities)

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