Meta AI Chatbot BlenderBot 3

BlenderBot 3

Meta's AI Chatbot BlenderBot 3 giving anti-semitic answers and does not agree that Biden is the President of US 

Launched ?

Meta launched it's chatbot last week on Friday BlenderBot 3

Level 3

How it is working ?

It searches on Internet and learns from the conversation of people

Important learnings

Chatbot was trained by Meta to learn from trending topics like healthy recipes and child amenities


Since it is launched, there has been a mixed reviews and it's not promising

Level 3

Who's the President of US?

The Bot claims that Donald Trump is still the President of United States.

The Greatest

According to the bot, Narendra Modi is the Greatest Prime Minister of the world. A twitter user shared this screenshots.

View on Jews

According to the bot Jews are "overrepresented among America's super rich

What meta says ?

Meta acknowledged that the chatbot may have some issues which needs to be fixed. Since they are collecting the feedback from users, they will help to make it better.

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