How to Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11


In order to install Google Play Store, you will need below things. Windows 11 OS Remove Windows Subsystem for Android if already Installed

Default App Store

We can only install Amazon Appstore by default in Windows Subsystem for Android. So installing GPS comes in picture.

Why Needed ?

Some apps or games are dependent on Google play services to work properly. So it is must.

You will need to uninstall current WSA. Also this method requires installing 3rd party software, So create a Recovery point.


Step 1:-

Uninstall current WSA if it is present. Go to Settings --> Apps --> WindowsSubsystemAndroid Click Uninstall.

Enable Developer mode in win 11. Go to Settings --> Privacy and security --> For Developers. Click ON.

Step 2:- 

Level 3

Step 3:-

Enable virtual Machine Platform from Windows Features ON or OFF . Select Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform. Restart your PC

Go to MagiskOnWSA repository on github. Clone the repo and follow instructions to build it. Let the build complete.

Step 4 :- 

Step 5 :-

You will get an artifact named similar to WSA-with-magisk-GApps-pico_1.8.32828.0_x64_Release-Nightly. Extract the zip file.

You have successfully installed WSA. More on ETR.