How to charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 without a charger

Reverse Wireless Charging

Galaxy Watch 4 supports reverse wireless charging only on Samsung Galaxy flagships with the Wireless PowerShare feature.

Other Supported Watches

Galaxy Watch, Watch 3, Watch Sport, Gear S3/Sport, Watch Active, and Watch Active 2

Level 3

How to Charge ?

Samsung flagships like the Z Fold/Flip, Note 10, and Note 20 series, S10, S20, S21, S22, only supports this.


1Swipe down from the top to open quick settings. Search and Tap the Wireless PowerShare to turn it on

More Steps

Place your Samsung phone on a table upside down. Place your Galaxy Watch 4 at the center of the phone to start charging it.


The watch will begin charging only after it has been aligned correctly. If you do not see it charging once you set it, try adjusting its position.

Level 3

Wireless PowerShare. What is this ?

Samsung's Wireless PowerShare is a special feature that can be found on its flagship line of devices, including its Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z Flip series. 


It operates by using the back surface of the phone to charge it, and other devices that support USB ports can be charged through it as well. It allows a device to add some extra juice to a second accessory or a secondary phone.


Slow Charging Can decrease battery life Phone battery life can deteriorate So, not recommended.

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