Data Breach in LastPass, but are you safe! ?


Hackers breached LastPass, a password manager, in August. LastPass is just the latest victim of a string of high-profile hacks. In the past year, Yahoo and Dropbox have all been hacked.

Common point 

These companies have one thing in common: They are all major players in the tech industry.

As per the sources, the hacker was in the system for about 4 days which was a service development environment.

How long was it hacked ?

What damage was done ?

The hacker was able to steal the  source code of the password manager which has no connection to customer data and envrypted vaults.

Are you   safe ?

As per company's information, it does not have data which store's users master password which is used to decrypt the vault.

The CEO announced that there is no evidence of the customers data breach. Also, no traces or unauthorized access was noticed after that 4 days.

CEO's note

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Has this happened before with lastpass ?

In earlier 2015, there was a security/data breach where the user data and passwords were compromised.

Remedies How to be Safe?

Always keep different passwords for different logins. Make sure you enable multi factor authentication in logins wherever it is available.

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