Among Us VR Beta

Beta Test

Among Us VR Beta Test Begins Ahead Of Release Later This Year

How to test ?

Register on official website to participate in beta tests.

Level 3

Expected date 

The VR version of Among Us is planned for  coming Holiday 2022.

How it became popular?

It was released in 2018, but gained popularity in 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic


Among Us VR is a first-person, 3D experience that places players in the guts of the Skelly, with all of the basic gameplay mechanics of the game.

What changes in VR ?

Like the board game Among the Us, the VR version will be taking off the ground from the point of view of the first person, which means that a whole new element of gameplay is being added.

Level 3

What's needed for Sign up for Beta ?

You should have eligible VR headset to sign up for the Beta test on it's Official website.

How lucky you are ?

Once sign-up, not everyone will get beta tests. You have to be lucky to get into it.

Launch Platforms

Among Us VR will launch in Holiday 2022 for the Meta Quest 2,  Steam VR and PlayStation VR.

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